"We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be."

May Sarton (via wordsnquotes)

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"Nobody has time for negative blogs or negative reblogs. Your natural habitat is greatness so if you don’t dig that idea and you don’t dig the vibe, man the unfollow button is your pillow. Go lay down."

Dig Yourself Though

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"I am interested in language because it wounds or seduces me."

Roland Barthes, The Pleasure of the Text (via wordsnquotes)

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"Writer’s block is the first stone to the eighth wonder of the world."

Stefansir (via stefansir)

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"The joy of life consists in the exercise of one’s energies, continual growth, constant change, the enjoyment of every new experience. To stop means simply to die. The eternal mistake of mankind is to set up an attainable ideal."

Aleister Crowley (via lazyyogi)

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"I don’t dig king of the mountain vibes, competition vibes. If we have to have one thing on top of a mountain, just throw the round table up there and everyone have a seat, enjoy the view, pair off into new adventures, come back to the rarefied air and swap stories."


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"Only mystery makes us live. Only mystery."

Federico García Lorca, Le Poète À New York (via observando)

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"I am half child, half ancient"

Bjork (via 13thmoon)

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"It’s not did they like it or was it innovative or original or anything like this. It’s are you training? Are you inventing new obstacles to strengthen your art? Are you unfurling your weaknesses and forcing them into proving grounds? You’ve written so many poems and you’ve come to believe the talent isn’t there. You can’t know it. It’s all surface effort. Writing when in the mood. Writing when your desk is set up. Writing when the coffee is hot or you’ve had some alcohol. The days of acid, the days of dullness, the days of dead energy, did you kick the art and call it what it was, lazy—spoiled—entitled? Did you rob yourself of the aesthetic-previous to discover the roads through the internal difficulty? No one is going to make you great. But no one can keep you from being great, except you. And no one can look at your work now and say, “oh yes,” or “never, not in a million”. Nobody knows. They don’t. But you can guarantee it for them if you aren’t hunting down your vibe. Vibe Hunting. The pursuit of that singular power only you can hear. You can find it, but it needs finding. It never shows up. Ever."

Dig Yourself

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Understand and believe in the concept that you can literally become anything you want

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Nowhere, Robert Larson

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Six Selfies
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